Connie Marshall has filed several lawsuits against local, state and federal officials alleging assault via satellite. She's also running for mayor of Louisville.


Former mayoral candidate Connie Marshall arrested

A woman who ran as a candidate for Louisville mayor two years ago has been arrested after police say she led officers on a brief pursuit.

Connie Marshall was taken into custody Tuesday afternoon.

Police say it started when she showed up at Louisville Metro Police headquarters, at the corner of 6th St. and Jefferson St., for the purpose of filing a complaint against LG&E employees she said were trespassing in her yard.

When police refused to take the report, she became angry and walked back to her car.

An officer stood by her car attempting to explain why police would not take the report. That's when, police say, she drove off, almost striking the officer in the process.

Officers followed her and stopped her near the corner of 1st St. and Market St. At that time, they asked her to exit her car. She refused. When an officer reached inside her car to unlock her door, police say she took off, dragging him a short distance. Police say they engaged in a very short pursuit, but they had to call it off due to traffic issues.

Marshall was unable to elude police for long. Officers say she got caught in traffic at the corner of 1st St. and Broadway, and police were able to simply walk up to her car and arrest her.

She was charged with reckless driving, fleeing or evading police, wanton endangerment, resisting arrest, failing to wear a seat belt and improperly starting from a parked position.

Marshall made news during the 2010 mayoral campaign when she told WDRB News she was a victim of electro-magnetic assaults, gang stalking and mind control.

During that interview, she paused to remove the battery from her cell phone, claiming that authorities used the device to illegally track her.

Anything I send out of state -- just like my phone calls, my mail, things like that -- they get intercepted illegally, she said at that time. "Once you get on this so-called 'list,' then they start intercepting mail."