A band called Rusty Cage released an album titled Gangstalkers in 2018. The album also features a song title "We're the Gangstalkers" and another song titled "Gang Stalkers vs Rusty Cage".

Rusty Cage described its album titled, Gangstalkers, as a series of disturbing acoustic based songs about insanity, cannibalism, death, and an all around downward spiral.

For Gangstalkers, I wanted to go back to my roots of writing songs based for the most part around acoustic instruments. Songs that anyone could pick up a guitar and learn... but also songs that would be upsetting to play. This album is a collection of disturbing songs which tell stories of people's lives at their lowest point. It's raw and sometimes uncomfortable, but you may find yourself singing along before you realize what you're singing about. I don't know. I like sad music, so I decided to make some.


  • 1. We're the Gang Stalkers 03:03
  • 2. The Grave 03:50
  • 3. If All Should Fail 03:01
  • 4. This Place 03:59
  • 5. I'll Come Back to New Orleans 04:51
  • 6. The Hearse Song 02:35
  • 7. The Final Voyage of the Wailer's Essex 04:12
  • 8. Write Me a Letter 05:23 
  • 9. I Keep on Walkin' (ft. Xarissa) 05:12
  • 10. There Isn't Any God (Acoustic) 03:26