Concepts & Theories

  • Radio-Frequency Identifier (RFID)

    Radio-Frequency Identifier (RFID)

    In 1945, Léon Theremin invented a listening device for the Soviet Union which retransmitted incident radio waves with the added…

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  • ted kaczynski

    Ted Kaczynski

    Ted Kaczynski was a former Harvard student who participated in an Harvard experiment, which is said to be the root…

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  • Ted Gunderson

    Ted Gunderson was a former FBI agent who later worked to exposed secret satanic, government sponsored cults.

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  • michael ruppert

    Michael Ruppert

    Michael Ruppert was a former L.A. police officer who later tried to expose government corruption and drup smuggling. He is…

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  • gary webb

    Gary Webb

    Gary Webb was a Journalist known for publishing the Dark Alliance series that tried to expose CIA drug smuggling in…

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  • henry murray

    Henry Murray

    Henry Murray was a psychologist at Harvard University. Some sources have suggested that Murray's experiments were part of, or indemnified…

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