Concepts & Theories

  • Right to Privacy

    The right to privacy is an element of various legal traditions to restrain governmental and private actions that threaten the…

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  • Social Death

    Social death is the condition of people not accepted as fully human by wider society. It is used by sociologists…

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  • Civil Death

    Civil death is the loss of all or almost all civil rights by a person due to a conviction for…

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  • social murder

    Social Murder

    Social murder is a phrase used by Friedrich Engels in his 1845 work The Condition of the Working-Class in England…

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  • George Hunter White

    George White

    Of course I was a very minor missionary, actually a heretic, but I toiled wholeheartedly in the vineyards because it…

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  • DNA Digital Data Storage

    DNA Digital Data Storage

    Overview DNA Digital Data Storage is the process of encoding and decoding binary data to and from synthesized strands of…

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  • Covert Listening Device

    Covert Listening Device

    Overview Remotely Activated Mobile Phone Microphones Automobile Computer Systems Audio from Optical Sources Overview A covert listening device, more commonly…

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  • Brain-Computer Interface

    Brain-Computer Interface

    Overview Synthetic Telepathy/Silent Communication Steady State Visual Evoked Potentials (SSVEP) mobile Electro-Encephalogram (EEG) BCIs Cell-Culture BCIs BCIs Versus Neuro-Prosthetics A…

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  • Radio-Frequency Identifier (RFID)

    Radio-Frequency Identifier (RFID)

    In 1945, Léon Theremin invented a listening device for the Soviet Union which retransmitted incident radio waves with the added…

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  • ted kaczynski

    Ted Kaczynski

    Ted Kaczynski was a former Harvard student who participated in an Harvard experiment, which is said to be the root…

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