Gang Stalking Tactics: Overview




The use of lights, especially vehicle headlights, to SENSITIZE and harass the Targeted Individual.



The strategy of only telling someone what they would know about or find out anyway. In this way, no one person knows a lot about the compartmentalizer. Generally, this is a shame-based strategy that supports a shaky self-esteem by seemingly giving others less to criticize. It also supports power behavior, because knowing something someone else does not certainly gives the feeling of power and can often give actual power over another.



In the context of domestic abuse, much denial is deliberate lying or not acknowledging that which obviously exists or has occurred. The legal system can reinforce this by treating what cannot be proven as something that did not happen.





A Form of manipulation that is intended to make a Targeted Individual, or population, doubt or question their own memory, perception, and sanity. Gas Lighting is of used to destabilize the target and delegitimize the target’s beliefs and any claims of being targeted. Gas Lighting can include persistent denial by the perpetrator, misdirection, contradiction statements, and lying. This can lead to SCHIZOPHRENIA mental disorder.



Using short surprise attacks (psychological or physical), withdrawing before the enemy can respond in force, and constantly maneuvering to avoid full engagement with the enemy. The purpose is not to decisively defeat the enemy or capture territory but to weaken enemy forces over time through raids, harassment, and skirmishing and limiting risk to friendly forces. Such tactics can also expose enemy defensive weaknesses and achieve a psychological effect on the enemy’s morale.



Saying what one believes another person wants to hear. This behavior is often done to disarm the other person from their options of critical thinking, or acting promptly on a boundary.


In relationships, interdependence is the degree to which members of the group are mutually dependent on the others. This concept differs from a dependent relationship, where some members are dependent, and some are not. In an interdependent relationship, participants may be emotionally, economically, ecologically and/or morally reliant on and responsible to each other. An interdependent relationship can arise between two or more cooperative autonomous participants.


Involves a threat of or perceived threat of injury or harm. In the context of Organized Gang Stalking, the threat can be a subtle act or reference that the Targeted Individual can only interpret in such a way, or it can be a more direct and blatant act. The purpose of this may be to actually threaten the person or to cause further emotion distress, which is what Organized Gang Stalkers do.



Involves is constantly shifting focus from actions onto reasons or intentions. Everyone is able to provide ‘good’ reasons for what they do. Possible reasons are always numerous. In a situation where “what happened, “and the responsibility for what happened is not disputed, discussing reasons may be self-revealing and enjoyable. But where actions have never really been owned, switching to reasons is part of the con and intended to maintain the imbalance in power.






A common controlling tactic is to deliver a mix of many true statements and a few lies. This is sometimes called a ‘mindfuck.’ The difficulty for the survivor, is that going along or resisting, based on the feeling of truth or falsity of what is said, is much more difficult because of the mixture. However, if the insincerity is detected, the overall controlling intention becomes easily evident.



Minimizing is quickly changing the focus from the meaning or goal of a behavior to the concrete results. Since most abusive behavior relies on the implied but unused threat of battering or more coercive actions, simply describing the concrete behavior can at times seriously under-depict the harm and power aspects. Often, strong reactions by a survivor to intimidating behavior is described by minimizers as crazy because it is supposedly out of proportion. However, the survivors reaction is in response to the overall picture.

Minimizing also consists of admitting what is already provable and denying the part that can’t be proven.


As a sociological term, means bullying of an individual by a group, in any context, such as a family, peer group, school, workplace, neighborhood, community, or online. When it occurs as physical and emotional abuse in the workplace, such as “ganging up” by co-workers, subordinates, or superiors, to force someone out of the workplace through rumor, innuendo, intimidation, humiliation, discrediting, and isolation, it is also referred to as malicious, nonsexual, non-racial/racial, general harassment.



An orchestrated effort to produce stress in a Targeted Individual through prolonged exposure to significant noise levels. A Noise Campaign can range from multiple neighbors routinely playing loud music, individual stalkers with air-horns, car alarms, fireworks, or organized “repair work” that involves a high level of noise.


A term used in sociology to describe the process through which ideas and behaviors that may fall outside of social norms come to be regarded as normal. In Organized Gang Stalking, normalization is used as a vehicle for complete harassment. It builds on the tactic of sensitizing and attempts to Normalize the stimuli, so that everywhere the Targeted Individual goes, it is harassed by the stimuli that is seen at large as a social norm of society. This can make the Targeted Individual look like they are crazy, which could lead to more distress.



Overwhelming the Target Individual (T.I.) by means of constant stimuli. This can be from having numerous Organized Gang Stalkers harass the Targeted Individual, directly or indirectly or by other means. Over-stimulation overlaps with Sensory Overload and can lead to paranoia, anxiety, or a nervous breakdown.





The principle or practice of subtly encouraging a behavior or belief by advocating its opposite. Reverse Psychology can viewed as a form of Gas-Lighting.



Acts or behavior by Organized Stalkers to cause a Targeted Individual (or a someone or something else) to respond to or notice certain stimuli, i.e., to make sensitive to. A Sensitizing act is often done over and over to get the Targeted Individual’s attention.


Occurs when one or more of the body’s senses experiences over-stimulation from a source of stimuli. Naturally or normally, there are many environmental elements that affect an individual. Examples of environmental factors that can lead to Sensory Overload are urbanization, crowding, noise, mass media, technology, and the explosive growth of information. In Organized Gang Stalking, these elements are concentrated as tools to torment a Targeted Individual.





A form of MOBBING using bikes, pedestrians, and cars to harass the Targeted Individual between one destination to another destination. As evident that police are widely involved in Gang Stalking, Stalkers also use police and military traffic tactics to harass the Target. Examples include almost being hit by a car or run off the road where you thought it was intentional. Californians are infamous for cutting other drivers off.




In the context of Abuse and in its most basic form, Victim-Playing involves someone (typically the Abuser) acting as if they are the victim of a crime or abuse from someone else (typically the actual victim). As a form of Justification, Victim-Playing can be used to divert attention away from acts of abuse by claiming that the abuse was justified based on another personal bad behavior.





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